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Open Research Systems (ORS) are provided for computationally based science and engineering in support of the DoD. Systems are provided for high performance computing, large-scale storage, and utility computing. These systems operate entirely at the Unclassified level, with neither sensitive nor classified data or applications. ORS are maintained by the ERDC DSRC, as part of a complete suite of systems and services. ERDC serves the high performance computing (HPC) needs of engineers and scientists throughout the DoD by providing a complete HPC environment, training, and expertise in the CFD, CSM, and EQM Computational Technology Areas.

Recent News

Copper Default Programming Environment Change, 23 October 2015

Posted 10/08/2015

During the 19-23 October Scheduled Time Out (STO) for Copper, we will change the default programming environment modules to Cray's December 2014 release.

...

Scheduled Maintenance For Next 30 Days
Date System Start End Details
Feb 23-24 Copper 0800 CT 0800 CT System Maintenance
Feb 23-24 Utility Server 0800 CT 0800 CT System Maintenance