How to get an HPC Account

Step 1: Get a pIE Account

Before you can gain access to the HPC systems at any of the DSRCs, you must first get an account on the Portal to the Information Environment (commonly referred to as a pIE account). If you do not yet have a pIE account, you can request one by following the instructions found at HPC Centers: Obtaining An Account.

Step 2:

HPCMP.HPC.MIL Kerberos Realm Account Holders

If you currently have an HPCMP.HPC.MIL Kerberos Realm account proceed to step 3.

All others

If you do NOT have an HPCMP.HPC.MIL Kerberos Realm account, and you only need access to the Open Research Systems, you should request an ORS.HPC.MIL Realm account and then complete the following instructions:

User vetting Process

US Citizens must provide copies of one of the following:

  • Passport
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • US Passport Card

Foreign Nationals must provide copies of the following:

  • Green Card Holders - Passport and Permanent Residence Card
  • Exchange Visitors - Passport, J-1 Visa and I-94 Form
  • Full Time Students - Passport, F-1 Visa, I-20 Form and I-94 Form

Copies of these documents may be either faxed or e-mailed to:

ERDC Security Office
FAX: 601-634-3897
Dates of Visit: Start date - End date

Access to ORS Systems will expire 1 year from the start date, or on the expiration date of your DoD Contract, Permanent Residence Card or Visa, which ever comes earliest.

Step 3: Contact your S/AAA

Your S/AAA will provide assistance throughout the account process. If you are unsure who you S/AAA is, contact Once your S/AAA has received all required documentation, they will assign you to the appropriate subproject(s) and systems.

Step 4: Account Creation

Your account(s) will be created on the ORS systems, and you will be contacted by the Site Accounts Manager (SAM) when they are ready for login or if other approvals or forms are necessary.