Planning a Visit

If you're planning a visit on Open Research System business to the ERDC DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (ERDC DSRC), where ORS is physically located, we would like to help make your visit go as smoothly as possible. Please review the following information before finalizing your travel plans.

Pretrip Instructions

Did you notify your POC?

You must coordinate with your POC before planning your trip. Please do not arrive at ERDC without notification. Our security people tend to not like surprises.

Do you hold a security clearance or NAC?

If so, have your security office forward a visit request on your behalf to the address below.

Engineer Research and Development Center
3909 Halls Ferry Road
Attn: CEERD-SE-Z / Security Office
Vicksburg, MS 39180

Phone: (601) 634-3177

JPAS SMO Code: W2R2AA, Level 5 (preferred)
Fax: (601) 634-3134 (Call the number above before faxing)

Date/s of Visit: Date/s of the actual onsite visit. If visiting throughout the year, please state as example: 1 June 20XX - 31 May 20XX with intermittent visits.

Purpose of visit: Other
POC for visit: Site Access

Are you a foreign national (non-U.S. citizen)?

If so, have your ERDC DSRC sponsor contact the above security office at least 30 days prior to your visit.

On-Arrival Instructions

You will be required to register at two separate locations.

You must register at the Public Affairs Office (PAO) and get an ERDC Visitor badge. Specific directions to the ERDC DSRC will be provided at that time.

You must also register at the ITL guard station located at the entrance of the Information Technology Laboratory (Building 8000). The guard on duty will issue you an ITL visitor badge and call your DSRC contact.


Visitors who DO NOT hold a security clearance or NAC and visitors who hold a security clearance or NAC but DO NOT submit a visit request to the ERDC Security Office will be escorted at all times.

Local Information

Need a map?

If you are traveling to ERDC from the Monroe Regional or the Jackson International airports, we have
a map to guide you.

Looking for information about lodging and dining in Vicksburg?

The Vicksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau has the information you need.